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▷ Gold Plating Preservation

• Please avoid contact with moisture for all jewelry.

• Do not wear the jewelry when washing hands, showering, applying lotion and spraying perfume

• Do not use harsh cleaning supplies. Do not use jewelry cleaner on gold plated jewelry.

• Remove jewelry before exercise and going to bed.

• Keep the jewelry as dry as possible as this will help extend the life of your gold plated pieces, and retain their color and shine.


▷ How To Clean Your FirstLove Jewelry

• Buff gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth.


▷ How To Store Your Firstlove Jewelry

• Store them away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Store in a plastic pouch and then into the suede pouch that is included per order.

• Please note that this can prolong the shine and condition of most jewelry, but tarnishing will still occur over time, especially on alloy-based jewelry with no gold-plating.


▷ Important Note

• Gold-plated pieces will eventually tarnish over time. The speed at which the gold plating fades will depend on multiple factors, including (and not limited to) the chemical level of your skincare products, level of perspiration, and even your natural skin PH. FirstLove pieces are tested for months and have retained their color as long as the care instructions are strictly followed. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to the care of your gold-plated jewelry.

• The silicone ball adjusters that is on some of our necklace chains, are made to be used only when adjusting the length of the chain. When used as the lock to wear and remove the necklaces, the silicone ring will easily loosen up.